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ChainBot – Hardware Decentralizer

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ChainBot – Hardware Decentralizer

 The ChainBot is a powerful and reliable standalone Hardware Decentralizer that is able to perform several tasks and functions at the same time while efficiently protecting, strengthening and supporting the decentralization, peer-to-peer and blockchain based technologies.

The ChainBot devices are very powerful and high-quality open-hardware boards powered by custom-made Linux kernels that run a properly configured Debian system as high-level OS, they are developed and built with a strong focus on the security, stability and reliability of both the software and the hardware layers and are also intended as heavy-use, multi-tasking, always-on devices.
The ChainBots are continuously and deeply tested and benefit of a dedicated non-stop research and development. ChainBots can be also updated, upgraded and expanded with new features and hardware components as well and they are equipped with a lot of features and components from stock.
Each ChainBot has a really low power consumption, they are very small but extremely powerful and reliable devices – the HD-v1 is equipped with a quad-core ARM A9 CPU (~2.0 GHz per core – 1MB L2 cache) – they are made with top-quality hardware components and they are able to perform various tasks at the same time.

ChainBot is now available in two editions: ChainBot HD-v1 and ChainBot HD-v1 LIGHT


ChainBot Main Features:

– Standalone Plug-in Bitcoin Full Node –
– P2Pool Node | Namecoin Full Node –
– Ethereum Ready –
– Open Source & Open Hardware –
– Custom Linux Kernel | Crypto-Optimized –
– Modular Software Design w Plug-ins –
– Customizable, Updatable & Upgradeable –
– OpenVPN | Tor | Web-Server | Etc. –
– Development Environment & Board –
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ChainBot Main Hardware Specs:

– CPU ARM A9 Quad-Core ~2.0 GHz per core – 1MB L2 cache –
– RAM 2048 MB (2 GB) LP-DDR2 880 Mega –
– On-Board Color Display 320px x 240px –
– HDDs 8 GB eMMC + 64 GB MicroSD –
– LAN |  3+1 USB | WiFi | IO Port –
– FullHD HDMI out | Audio out –
– Several Accessories Included –
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Bitcoin full node - ChainBot

Bitcoin Full Node

Bitcoin Full Node, Plug and Play! The ChainBot is also a reliable and powerful fully functional Bitcoin Node that protects and strengthens the Bitcoin network and technology while replicating its Blockchain, helping decentralization!

Extremely Powerful

Extremely Powerful

The ChainBots are now powered by an ARM A9 Quad-Core ~8.0 GHz/s CPU with 1MB L2 cache and 2 GB LP-DDR2 880 Mega of RAM. The main memory is located on a 8 GB eMMC module that is twice faster than an SSD! The ChainBots are extremely powerful and advanced devices!

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Yes, the ChainBots are Plug and Play! They are intended for beginners as well as for experienced and advanced users, they just require to be plugged into an Internet connection and to have some electricity in order to run their standard tasks. Additional functionalities can be easily managed.

ChainBot Logo Square


The ChainBot devices represent another step forward made towards the complete Autonomous Agents. They are developed and built with a strong focus on the security, stability and reliability of both the software and the hardware layers and are also intended as heavy-use, multi-tasking, always-on devices.

Namecoin Full Node

Namecoin Full Node

Namecoin Full Node! The ChainBot is also a reliable and powerful fully functional Namecoin Node that protects and strengthens the Namecoin network while also allowing merged mining options to the P2Pool node configuration!

P2Pool Node

P2Pool Node

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Each ChainBot can also smoothly run a full P2Pool Node to support the peer-to-peer Bitcoin mining but also merged mining, as other cryptocurrency daemons are active on the ChainBot system, like Namecoin.

Ethereum Ready

Ethereum Ready

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The ChainBots are Ethereum ready and Ethereum awaiting devices! A lot of news will be released as soon as the Ethereum Project will exit the testing stage and will be finally up and running!

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

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ChainBots are Eco Friendly! The ChainBots require a really low energy to operate, also at full load. They can be also powered by batteries or solar panels and they need a maximum of 2 Amperes of current at 5 volts to unleash all their capabilities!

Open Source Logo

Open Source

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The ChainBot Project loves Open Source and is Open Source! All the sources, code, documentations, etcetera are publicly available in our repositories and servers. Your ideas and contributions to the ChainBot Project are gladly welcome!

Linux Tux

Custom Linux Kernel

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The ChainBots run a custom Linux Kernel as low level OS. Chainbots' Kernels are built and optimized to better interface the hardware layer with the particular functions, operations and instructions required by the particular top level codes and software. This also makes the devices more efficient, stable and powerful!

Open Hardware

Open Hardware

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The ChainBots devices are based on Open Hardware machines, their schemes, designs, etcetera are available for review or reference. The ChainBot Project fully supports and loves Open Hardware and also aims to foster the development of dedicated decentralization HW!

Debian Logo

Debian Linux OS

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A customized Debian Linux OS runs as top level operating system on the ChainBots devices own kernel. This adds the versatility, the reliability, security and all the advantages of the Debian Linux distribution to the ChainBot's software environment.

Web Stats

Data, Info & Charts

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Every ChainBot will display data, info & charts about its running modules, its statuses or from external sources too. The data are displayed via the ChainBot's built-in screen, useful as a quick reference, and via webpages hosted on the system for a more comprehensive display of the information.

Well Tested

Well Tested

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The ChainBot devices are continuously and deeply tested and checked. We always keep running some ChainBot with different settings and software versions to test the reliability of both the hardware and the software layers in real-use cases and conditions.

Web Server

Personal Server

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Each ChainBot can also act as a personal server, as a light web server or as a crypto-relay. On the more, the ChainBot software environment is also intended to offer a reliable and agile development experience to its users, also at the hardware level.


ChainBot HD-v1 Product Page


ChainBot HD-v1 LIGHT Product Page


About the ChainBot Project:

The ChainBot Project gets its original inspiration from the desire-need to help and to foster the evolution and the concrete, positive growth of the new generations of decentralized systems, organizations, solutions, interactions and technologies like the ones based on blockchain protocols, peer-to-peer application frameworks, encryption systems, distributed computing, distributed consensus, smart contracts and so on. [Read More]

Encrypt and decentralize all the things!

The ChainBot Project wants also to take care of the physical layers and software environments proper of the new generations of decentralization, blockchain and encryption technologies, to which we like to refer as Soul-Codes or new forms of life that also need their own native, proper and dedicated bodies and environments in order to positively live and better interact with each other and with the existing systems and lifeforms, beyond performing their own functions.

 The ChainBot Project is also aiming at shifting up Decentralization to a new level where we take care of its native environment in a more complete and holistic way by also focusing, for example, on its proper physical, infrastructure or software layers. [Read More]


Support The ChainBot Project!

First of all, a big Thank You is continuously flying out to reach everyone who is helping and who would like to help the ChainBot Project at any level, every kind of help is welcome and it is really appreciated, from the smallest to the biggest ones!
Everyone is welcome to support, to contribute and to get involved in the ChainBot Project, that also means to support the decentralized, peer to peer and blockchain based systems and technologies.
There are many ways to do that and we would like to suggest you a few, read more on how to support The ChainBot Project or to get involved with it!



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